Speech Language Information

What is a speech language pathologist?
A speech language pathologist is a person who is trained to assess and treat children or adults who have speech or language disorders.
What does it mean if your child has a speech disorder?
It means that your child may have problems using the muscles in their mouth or making the movements needed to produce a certain sound.
Common Speech Disorders:
Articulation - the way we say our speech sounds
Phonology - the speech patterns we use
Fluency - stuttering
Apraxia - difficulty planning and performing the movements needed to make speech sounds
Voice - problems with the way the voice sounds
What does it mean if your child has a language disorder?
It means that your child may have problems understanding what is said or heard.  It may be hard for them to find the right words or organize their thoughts to have a meaningful answer or conversation.
Common Language Disorders:
Expressive Language - difficulty using language
Receptive Language - difficulty understanding language
Pragmatic Language - social communication; the way we speak to each other
This information has been taken from a website handout at this address: www.superduperinc.com/handouts/pdf/162_SLPs.pdf
You can get more in depth information from the above address.

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