Music Classroom Rules

Music Class Rules:
1. Make Smart Choices
2. Use self-control.
3. Show Respect
4. Involve Yourself.
5. Care for other and classroom materials.
Positive Rewards:
1. Verbal Praise
2. Sticker/Stamp at the end of class.
3. Good note sent home.
4. Star Student of the Day award.
1. First Time: Verbal Warning
2. Second Time: Sent to Time Out/Note in agenda book.
3. Third Time: Alternative Assignment and Phone Call or note sent Home
4. Office Referral
Students are given a S, N or U on their report cards for music.
Music grades are determined based on conduct and
participation. While assessments are given periodically in music, they have no factor on your child's grade for music.
S= Satisfactory: The student has maintained good behavior by following all classroom rules. He or she has participated in music activities by making a good effort.
N= Needs Improvement: After the student is sent to time out 3 times in the 9-weeks he or she will receive an N on their report card.
U= Unsatisfactory: After the student is sent to time out more than 4 or more times in a nine weeks the student will receive an U.
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