Key Music Vocabulary

Music Vocabulary:

Tone Color: The unique sound of an instrument or the voice. For example: The timbre is Light, bright, warm, mellow, harsh, brassy, reedy.

Patriotic: Music tha reflects the pride of our country. For example: "My Country Tis' of Thee"

Conductor: A person who directs or leads a band, choir, or orchestra.

Composer: A person who write music.

Notation: The art of drawing music symbols.

Sacred: Music that is religious and used for ceremonies. 

Secular: Non-religious music often used for entertainment. 

Beat: The steady pulse of the music.

Rhythm: The long and short sounds in the music.

Pitch: The highness or lowness of the music.

Notes: Symbols used to show the direction of the music.

Melody: A group of pitches 

Treble Clef: Notes in the the high range known as the "G" Clef.

Bass Clef: Notes in the low range known as the "F" Clef.

Time Signature: Tells the number of beats in a measure.