About Miss Higgins

Degrees and Certifications: Graduate of Campbell University-

                 Bachelor of Arts Degree-Double Major in                                       Graphic Design and Studio Art 

Miss Sarah Higgins

     My name is Sarah Higgins. I grew up here in central North Carolina. I graduated from Rosewood High School and continued my education at Wayne Community College where I transferred after only one year to Campbell University. It was here I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with Studio Art as my second major. I am a second year beginning teacher and worked in three different elementary school last year so I gained much knowledge from around the county!

 I love learning in general but my favorite subjects outside of the arts are science and history and I delve into computer technology as well. I love being outdoors and playing games of all varieties from video games to playing volleyball.

     I also grew up in a large family with five older brothers and an older sister (who all have at least one child each). So I love being able to be here at EWE to work with so many bright smiling faces! I hope we can create a lot and have a lot of fun this year!