Homework Activities

Language Arts 
Practice recognizing, writing and sounding the alphabet.
There will be new letters taught each week.
You will find the letters taught each week on the class calendar each month.
Learn the two sounds of vowels (long and short).
Please feel free to continue to teach your child other letters if he or she already knows letters presented.
We will provide other activities also.

Make words by sounding and blending consonants
and vowels. b-a-t, bat
Count the number of sounds that you hear in words. r-a-t (3), s-n-a-k (4)

Recognize the beginning, middle and ending sounds of words.. (d)-o-g, c-(a)-t, r-i-(p)
Be able to recognize words that have the same beginning, middle and ending sounds.

Count syllables today/ to-day (2)

Be able to recognize and make rhyming words. rat/bat, Jill/hill
Learn sight words ( a, I , like, am,  is, on, the, he, she, my, me, to, on, red, blue, go, yellow,
green, orange, purple, brown, black, for, here, we, you, do, no, see, look, can, and,
yes, have, make, yes, of, four, six, one, two, three, five, nine, eight, ten, seven)
Look for letters and words in many places magazines, boxes, containers, signs etc. Use different materials
to form letters and words, make flash cards,trace and say the word, play games with them.Have fun!
Read daily library books or favorite books at home to your child. Let them read the
decodable books that are brought home.
Recognize the concepts of print - front, back, where to begin reading, letters, words,
punctuation marks, first and last word in a sentence, point to words as they are read,
recognize upper and lowercase letters
Learn to retell a story by naming the title, characters, setting, what happen in the
beginning,middle and end, the problem, how the problem was solved and answer why
he/she thinks the author wrote the stroy.

Tell, recognize and write first, middle and last name. Be able to write correctly on the
Practice forming letters correctly.
Draw a picture/ lable or write about it.
Write sentences that tell or ask a question using known sight words and words that
are sound out. Begin with a capital letter spacing between words and end with a punctuation mark (period, question mark, quotation mark and exclamation mark).


Count and write to twenty. Students should be able to count to 100 by the end of the school year.
Match numbers to sets of objects.
Use positional words in/out, under/over, beside.....
Name, draw and construct shapes both plain and solid.( circle, square, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, sphere, cube cone, cylinder)
Estimate a collection of things (guess)
Sort objects (socks, forks and spoons, toys any group of different items)
 Solve problems by adding, subtracting, making combinations of numbers
Using the words greater, fewer, altogether, plus, minus and equal, more, less
Use numbers in many ways

Social Studies
Name school (What makes up our school)
Mission Statement, Recite pledge, 
Be able to name and tell about holidays, famous people, symbols
Rules (Respect, Responciblity and Self-Control)
Students best behavior is encouraged respecting self and others.
Work quietly-Use soft voices while working in groups or centers
Walk quietly through the school keeping hands off the walls.
Raise hand to speak
Keep hands and feet to self.

Know types of weather, animals, materials and their characteristic.
Recognize the parts of a computer and how to use it. Take care of the computer
Be able to type their name, words and sentences
Know favorite links 

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