Math & Science
 Here are the links to the Math and Science Common Core Objectives and Essential Standards that we will be learning this year.
Math INFO -For thefourth  nine weeks in math,we will be taking a short break from fractions and  working on geometry.... 
We will also come back to division, as well as prepping for the EOG

The math book we use is en Vision Math. It has a practice workbook that aligns with the math book. Homework is usually  an assignment in the workbook or a worksheet that gives students more practice on the lesson taught that day.Homework is  given  to reinforce the concept taught earlier that day.  Please check over your child's homework each night and encourage them to ask me questions on material they do not understand. With most homework assignments, I am not checking for right or wrong answers. What I look for is that the students attempted the assignment. I assign homework participation grades based on that. Students are then allowed to make corrections to their homework as we go over it. Then they may ask questions on ones they missed. Also, although I give homework on most nights, students usually have time to start (maybe finish) their homework during the school day. However,I  still ask your child to bring their homework home for you to look over.
Science INFO-Science is an EOG tested subject in 5th grade For the fourth nine weeks in Science we will be finishing up with forces and motion.
Look for your student to be bringing home information on a fun and exciting Science project!!! Vrooom Vroom!

After  this we will learn about convection,conduction and radiation as well as reviewing steadily for the EOG

 Although we usually read the Science lessons in class, please have your child re-read it to you at home. This helps with comprehension, as well as reading fluency. Homework: Students may have Science homework occasionally in the form of vocabulary, worksheets, reading assignments and small projects. Many times these assignments may become a grade, and they are given time in class to complete these assignments.