HOMEWORKStudents will be given homework almost every day. They should keep their completed homework assignments in their Homework Folder. After they arrive at school, we will go over their homework or students will be instructed to place their assignment in the homework basket. Students will track their homework assignments in a school provided student planner. This planner will help them to stay organized and will help you to track their homework as well. Your initials are required daily on the homework agenda. THIS STUDENT PLANNER MUST BE RETURNED TO SCHOOL EACH DAY!! It will be a vital part of our daily routine. Homework, when assigned, is not to be takenlightly…each student starts the week with a homework grade of 100.  For each missed homework, 20 points will be deducted from their weekly HW grade.  Assignments are to be complete, done neatly, and have the name of  the assignment listed at the top left of the page and their name/date/student number at the top right of the page (if done on notebook paper). Handouts require name, date, and student number only. Parents/Guardians, I cannot stress enough the importance of your role in monitoring your child’s homework. Ensuring that they have a routine for completing homework is very significant. Your child needs a quiet place each day to complete his/her homework assignments. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter! 4??="" 0??="" 100%??=""> ??="" 421??="" 33%??="" vertical-align:="" top;="" width:=""> ??="" 33%??="" vertical-align:="" top;="" width:=""> ??=""> TYPICAL ASSIGNMENTS IN READING AND SOCIAL STUDIES  ??="">Homework in these subjects is designed to improve reading EOG strategies. ??="">Students may be given questions in which they will need to look in their text or selection to find the answers. ??="">Students may be given maps or diagrams to answer questions ??="" 33%??="" vertical-align:="" top;="" width:=""> ??=""> TYPICAL ASSIGNMENTS IN ??="">       WRITING AND SPELLING        ??="">  ??="">  ??="">Writing homework consists of both short writing assignments on a given topic ,grammar practice and spelling. ??=""> ??="">The purpose of writing homework is to increase student's writing vocabularies and improve their grammar.