CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES A classroom must have a positive, safe, and organized environment in order for the children to be able to reach their fullest potential. Students will set academic and behavior goals,these goals will be used to encourage academic success and redirect misbehavior. Classroom Expectations/Code of Conduct These rules will be in effect at all times: Be in your assigned seat/area when the teacher is ready. Have paper, books, pencils and all needed supplies everyday. Keeps hands, feet, books and objects to yourself. No profanity, rude gestures, teasing or put downs. Follow directions of school staff and all times CONCEQUENCES Refocus Area The Refocus area is an area that it is somewhat secluded from the other desks in the classroom or a different classroom. When a student is sent to the Refocus Area, he/she is there to think through what occurred to get them there. They will review their goals and decide if their actions are working towards meeting or hindering those goals. Thinking Trail Students who repeatedly disregard classroom expectations will use a few minutes of their recess time on the thinking trail, where they will have time to think about why they are making poor choices in class. Critical Event A Critical Event Clause has  been added to the discipline plan. The critical event clause states that severely bad behavior choices (such as violent or severely disrespectful behavior) will result in the student immediately seeing the Principal/Assistant Principal.