Monthly Classroom Activities
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August/September 2017
We are looking forward to a great start to our school year. We will soon begin our reading and math assessments. In math we will be learning about place value, including even and odd, greater than and less than, and hundreds, tens, and ones. In ELA we will focus on retelling, character traits, and learn new grammar skills. 

 This October we have learned about bats and spiders. We studied how things were in the past and were quite amazed families did not have running water or bathrooms in their homes. Along with learning about the differences between Then and Now, we read about making butter. This went right along with our Science Unit on matter. We explored solids, liquids, and gases. We saw how matter could change with heat or force as we shook our jar to turn cream into butter. Of course we had to sample our experiment. In science we also discussed the water cycle and did an experiment with jars to show evaporation and condensation. Ask you child to sing the water cycle song to you and explain each part. We're still singing it some days even though we have wrapped up that study. 

October is also Fire Prevention month so we learned many things about fire safety. We drew our plan to get out of our homes and discussed having a meeting place in case of an emergency. New Hope Volunteer Fire Department came out and we went through stations learning about their jobs and the tools they use to fight fires and other emergencies. Everyone had a chance to spray the fire hose.

 It has been a busy month and a busy first nine weeks. Look for report cards on Nov. 3. Remember to continue to check Class Dojo as I post many videos and pictures so you can see the things we are doing in our classroom. 

November is a fun month. We are busy learning about Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and weather. We had guests from SJAFB come out to talk to us about weather and their jobs are weather specialists on the base. They gave an informative talk and answered our questions we had about the weather and the equipment they use to give the weather forecast. 

 We have practiced very hard for the musical performance at Goldsboro High School. We are excited to be able to sing in front of parents, grandparents, and so many of the WCPS staff. Mr. Sawyer has done an excellent job to prepare them for this performance. 

We took a visit to Simply Natural Creamery in Ayden for a tour of their farm and to learn more about goods and services and producers and consumers. We saw the cows, we got to "milk" Maggie, and we were able to sample some yummy ice cream. We were more than happy to be the consumers on that day. 


We are so excited for Christmas and are in the holiday spirit! We are busy learning about how Christmas is celebrated all over the world. One of our favorite things to learn was it is summer in Australia so Santa has to change clothes into something a little cooler. Santa also used kangaroos to pull his sleigh in Australia. We even learned a song about it

We did a lot of STEM activities including reindeer races, building a shelf for an elf, and creating symbols of different holidays out of legos. 

We have talked about kindness and how gift giving is only one way to show kindness. We did 12 days of kindness at school. We had a different activity for 12 days to show kindness. We made cards for the Veteran's Home in Kinston as well as our custodians and cafeteria workers, we gave compliments, we greeted everyone we saw, and made gifts for our parents and administration. We hope to carry our kindness activities with us through the rest of our school year and beyond. 

In math we are beginning addition with regrouping. This is "carrying" if you are old school like I am. :) We are building up to it and hopefully adding strategies that will help them with this math skill as well as the others as we progress through the year. 

 January brought us many snow days along with testing. We were finally able to complete reading and math testing around all the snow days. We began addition with regrouping in math, we began using new apps on Seesaw, and continued working in our small groups. We spent a couple of weeks researching penguins and did an oral report on different species. We teamed up and recorded out reports on Seesaw. Make sure to check them out! 


February is the shortest month but there are so many fun and exciting things happening. Jump Rope for Heart, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History, and Dental Health are some of our fun things going on in February. We seemed to have gotten addition with regrouping and now we are starting subtraction with regrouping. We are using Sock Puppets app to record sentences we wrote with our vocabulary words. We also used the app Chatterpix to do our report on a famous Black American for Black History month.