Class Supply List
Eastern Wayne Elementary 
Second Grade School Supply list:
  1 3 subject notebook                                                    2 packs of white copy paper
  5 1 subject notebooks                                                   1 pack of color copy paper
  2 packs of wide rule paper
  6 pack of glue sticks 
  1 20 pack of sheet protectors                                        1 pair of blunt tip scissors (fiskars                                                                                                       are great)
  6 packs of 24 crayons                                                   5 pack of dry erase markers
  3 boxes of yellow pencils                                               4 vinyl 2 pocket folders
  1 ink pen (not marker)                                                   1 package of playing dice (3 in the                                                                                                        pack) 
  2 zippered pencil bags with grommets for storing in binders (NO pencil boxes)  
Please remember that we will be working hard all year and may exhaust these supplies before the end of school.  It might be a good idea to stock up at the beginning of school when all these items are on sale. We will let you know periodically when we need more items to help our classes run smoothly. 
Wish List
As you know we are always needing "stuff"! If you would like to contribute something
to our class here is our wishlist:
*magnetic letters       *glue sticks                         *ziplock bags (all sizes)         *highlighters
*Sidewalk chalk         *tissues/hand sanitizer       *hand soap and refills 
*clorox wipes              *index cards (all sizes)       *regular baby wipes  
**NO rolling bookbags due to limited space in the classroom.
**NO pencil boxes! They fall open and scatter contents everywhere! They also take up too much space in desks.  
**NO handheld pencil sharpeners. We do PENCIL WAR so they won't be needed. They also can become distractions and are very messy. 
****PLEASE label ALL items belonging to your child before the first day of school.  (not individual pencils)  Thank you so much for your help!!