What Are We Investigating?

 Science! Science!

Spring is finally on the way! We are investigating signs of spring all around our school. Ask your kiddo to tell you about our pond and the birds we have been watching.  We are exploring the topic of ENERGY: push, pull, force, motion, simple machines, and robots! Next week we will design and build our own robots. We are very busy learning and working every day! 


Math! Math!

       Currently, we are reviewing Telling Time to the hour and half-hour as well as writing the digital time.  In addition to investigating Data and Measurement, we have been choosing a "Would you rather?" question as a survey question, polling our classmates, deciding how to record the results, and then interpret what these results tell us about our class. They LOVE this!! 


     We continue our investigation in Operations and Algebraic Thinking by comparing two digit numbers with the words more, less, greater, least, more than, greater than, less than, equal to, and with symbols (<, >, =) in equations.  Eventually, we will solve equations and use these symbols to compare equations. (1+2 < 1+1). We are also constantly reviewing the Number Grid and how numbers are related. (+1, -1, +10, -10)

     This week we will continue to find combinations (addition) for numbers to 10.  We will play "How Many Am I Hiding?", "Fish For 10", and practice addition equations with addends up to 10. We will also explore patterns on the number grid by solving number puzzles with missing parts. For example, we will find and fill in the numbers that are missing around a number including that number +1, -1, +10, -10.  


Social Studies!   Social Studies


Last month we read about, researched, shared ideas, and expressed our learning about famous historical figures for Black History Month. Students loved learning about George Washington Carver, Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, and MANY more! This month we continue our history research with famous women in history.


Also, we have been studying, creating, and reading MAPS! Ask your child to sing the Continent Song to you! They know all 7 continents! 




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