Daily 5: Reading and Writing!

Working on Words! (spelling) spelling

     This week's words are:                                         Next week's words (March 16-20)                         Future words (March 23-27)

                 like                                                                       ice                                                                       cow

                 bike                                                                     nice                                                                       how

                 bite                                                                      rice                                                                        now

                line                                                                       race                                                                      down

                nine                                                                      face                                                                         out

                while                                                                    space                                                                      round

                funny                                                                     like                                                                       nice

                water                                                                    nine                                                                       face

               warm                                                                     why                                                                        does

               hurry                                                                      most                                                                      once

            **write                                                               **bicycle                                                                    **downtown


Work on Writing! writing

So far this year we have learned all the rules for writing a sentence! Ask your smart student to tell you what they are! (Begin each sentence with a capital letter. Leave a space between each word. Use punctuation at the end! Have a naming part and a telling part.) We continue to review these rules and conventions by editing a peer's writing, looing for sentences in our books, and practicing writing in our journals daily. We are also studying and applying these skills in all the writing we do in each subject. These students LOVE to write! A great gift is a journal and some fun writing tools, such as colored pens, pencils, etc. Students are given a book to read and two question stems to answer in a notebook each week. Please help your child witht his practice! 




Listen to Reading! listen to reading

Each day students have the opportunity to listen to stories on CD as well as listening to stories read aloud by the teacher. Each student also logs into Raz Kids and Reading Eggs to listen to reading in order to have better comprehension.  Be sure you are getting on these programs at home as well if you are able. :) We are listening to stories about frogs, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and fall. 


Read to Self! reading

     Students are reading Tell Me a Story  in their reading books. This is a realistic fiction story about a little girl who ask her grandma what life was like when she was a little girl. Students are encouraged to ask their grandma or any grandparent what school was like for them!  They will work on sequencing and retelling, features of a fictional book, and story elements that help with comprehension (character, setting, problem, solution)tional text.  Students also have other books about frogs, Veterans Day, and trying your best to read that are both informational and fiction.  Each student has a bag of books that are on his/her reading level to read each day to work on reading fluency (reading like you talk). Also, each student will work on sight words, fluency passages (which are also sent home for homework), and phrases. 



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