Welcome to our class website!  We are excited about our school year and having your child in our class.  As our year progresses, there are a few important points we would like to share with you.  Attendance is vital for your child's success in school.  Please make sure your child is at school every day and they stay all day when possible.  Lots of instruction is missed when students are absent or leave early.  Homework is also vital to your child's success in school.  Please help your child with his/her homework.  This one on one time with your child will prove to be great way for you to show your child their education is important.  Determination and perseverance is also an important quality for your child to have to be successful in school.  Always encourage them to do their very best and NEVER give up!!!  And last but not least, behavior is an important quality for us all.  Our behavior can have positive or negative impacts on our day and on our life.  Please encourage your child to always be on their best behavior at all times.  We will not allow misbehavior to interfere with our learning environment.  Please make sure you check your child's agenda book and sign it each day.  Also, review any class work that comes home.  We thank you in advance for your support.
Mrs. Capps and Mrs. Lewis

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